Children start school ready to learn

The Ultimate Outcome Goals guiding the activity of the Implementation Group working on Children start school ready to learn are:

  1. Children and young people have equitable access to the resources they need to reach their full potential
  2. Children and young people are safe, healthy, flourishing and secure in their cultural identify
  3. Children have secure and nurturing relationships with their family, friends and the community
  4. Children meet their holistic developmental milestones

This Implementation Group has identified

  • the initial focus of activity being increasing the numbers of children who undertake Developmental Checks, as evidence indicates that these checks are a key strategy in early identification potential or reduced performance
  • further stages of community engagement, including early childhood services and parents

The full outline of the approach can be downloaded by clicking the adjacent image.

Progress of the initial Activity for this Implementation Group can be viewed in the form of a Data Dashboard, which can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.

The initial goal of this Group is to deliver a 20% increase in Developmental Checks of preschool aged children by 2020.

Monitoring and evaluation of support strategies provided to children, who have been identified as benefiting from support through the Developemental Check process, along with consultation with parents and preschools, will be the subject of further reporting through this Dashboard, as the work of this Implementation Group  progresses.